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Master Corridor Plan

The Master Corridor Plan is a combined vision by QTS and Compass of the opportunities that the County's PWDG Comprehensive Plan can provide.

It's time for PWC to move forward!

We deserve Better Jobs, Better Schools, Better Parks, &
Reduced Residential Tax Burdens for ALL OUR PWC Residents.

It's time to turn an exclusionary zone into an opportunity zone for all PWC residents! 

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QTS Rezoning Website

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Compass   Rezoning Website

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Preservation and Transformation

  • A focus on conservation and stream valley protection.

  • 800 acres open space.

  • 30% open space compared to 20% required by County ordinance. 

  • A network of greenery and trails.


Live and Work in Prince William

What does the PWDG have to do with the creation of additional Affordable Housing?


Everything! ​

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PW Digital Gateway Comprehensive Plan


 Watershed Protection

  • Riparian forest preservation

  • Heightened emphasis on environmentally sensitive site design. 

    • Use of indigenous plants.

    • Preservation of environmental resources.

    • Ensuring that the data centers blend into their natural surroundings.

Sign here for 
better jobs, 
better schools, 
better parks,
and a
better quality of life. 

Make your voice heard!

By signing this petition, you will let the Board of County Supervisors, Planning Commission, and us all know that you support the PW Digital Gateway and the opportunity it brings to all.
Vote YES for the greatest economic development opportunity in PWC's history. We deserve better jobs, schools, parks and 35% commercial tax base.

Thank you for moving PWC forward!

Stay Informed

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