farm with powerlines

It's time for PWC to move forward!

We deserve Better Jobs, Better Schools, Better Parks, &
Reduced Residential tax burden for ALL OUR PWC Residents 


Let's turn the transmission line lemons into lemonade for all PWC residents

PWC can be the wealthiest county in Virginia NOT the Junk Room or most populated 


This is our golden opportunity to end economic segregation 

The PW Digital Gateway is the Right Solution

Our County needs to move forward and provide Opportunity and improved Quality of Life for all our hard working middle class families

Our land use decisions belong to the landowners, NOT to PAID  "No Opportunity " Lobbyists like the PEC, PW Alliance, and Smarter Growth (who are all funded by PEC)  

The PW Digital Gateway is a request for a comprehensive plan change that will allow only data centers (not big trucking facilities or hundreds of homes) to apply for planning approval in this area. 

This will lead to a game changing commercial tax gains, jobs, and equality, providing a huge economic boost to the entire county and its citizens.

Sign here for  better jobs,  better schools,  better parks, and a better  quality of life. 

Make your voice heard!
By signing this petition, you will let the Board of County Supervisors, Planning Commission, and us all know that
you support the PW Digital Gateway and the opportunity it brings to all.
Vote YES for the greatest economic development opportunity in PWC's history. We deserve better jobs, schools, parks and 35% commercial tax base.

Thank you for moving PWC forward!

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