Brawner Farm Power lines
This area is no longer rural.

 About Us 

We are a group of people that live in Prince William County that see an opportunity to use resources already in our community to be a catalyst for job creation and major economic growth for our neighbors, friends and fellow residents.

This is a true grassroots movement. We are a united group of longtime landowners and stakeholders who’s property values and ruralness have been destroyed by outside forces. The families along Pageland have called this area home for over 40+ years, so deciding to take action was a very difficult decision for us. However, the writing is on the wall. We are tired of being victims of outside special interest groups controlling our destiny and have taken proactive steps to create a Win-Win for ourselves and the county. 

Our overarching message is this: PAGELAND IS NO LONGER RURAL.

This is due to transmission lines, industrial development around us, the "Pageland Autobahn" of truck and thru traffic to and from Loudoun, and the reality of the new Rt.234 Bypass.


The data center “Digital Revolution” has offered us, PWC, and all the citizens of PWC a Win-Win opportunity!

 Comparing the Haves and the Have-Nots 

The Haves: Aerial of Thunder Oaks


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