Our Citizens Want Better Parks!

Good News! In 2019, PWC passed a $41M bond for park improvements! 

Bad News... As of today, PWC has no money to fund these park improvements due to lack of commercial tax base. This has always been PWC's problem.

Solutions: Create the PW Digital Gateway corridor to create up to $700 Million annual tax dollars to pay for this... OR increase the residential taxes to pay for it! 

Park Improvement Bonds: Everyone has opportunities to play, recreate, and experience nature, which are vital to make Prince William County the place for all who seek an enhanced quality of life.

"The parks question would authorize bond sales for up to $41 million that may only be used toward the five park projects listed in the question. These include:

Development of new trail projects and completing unfinished projects for an estimated $20 million, including but not limited to the Occoquan Greenway and the Neabsco Greenway. Purchasing land across the county for public open space and completing accessibility projects at various county parks would also be included." -Prince William Living, 10/3/2019.

For Further Information, Read: Prince William voters overwhelmingly approve bond referendums

Recently Parks Mobility Plan was available for comments.  Over 200 comments were submitted.

Major ones for Western PWC were:


  1. We need a major north/south multi-use path/trail along Pageland Lane between Route 29 & Sudley Road.

  2. The Manassas Battlefield Park is not accessible enough to hikers, bikers, or equestrians.  More trail connections to areas outside MBP are needed.

  3. We want parks that the local residents can use - conservation easements are not the solution because there is no public access.

  4. PWC needs more Greenway and Blueway linear park corridors.

  5. It’s time for the 5000 acre Manassas Battlefield Park to give the local community more access and benefit. Paths for local community access need to be created:

    1. We need to connect Conway Forest Park to the Manassas Battlefield Park for hikers/bikers/equestrians

    2. The MNBP needs to allow for a trail system on their land around the edge of and into the Battlefield Park for hiking/biking/equestrian trails.

  6. Many PWC residents are not interested in Civil War Military tactics of the Manassas Battlefield Park. We need to create a broader, more diverse and inclusive amenity – perhaps emphasize the impact of the Civil War on the local population – free and slave (during and immediately after the war).

  7. More picnic areas in the MNBP, need a place for PW residents to enjoy the open space.

  8. Over the years the MNBP has taken away community benefit by eliminating the Picnic area on Rt. 234/Sudley Road and not allowing sleigh riding.

    • Picnic areas should be reestablished along Rt. 234/Sudley Road and  another should be created  along the Brawner farm to create more usable open space for PW residents.   

  9. Access for equestrians is nonexistent, unless you live along the boundary of the Park.  We need a parking area for Bikers/Equestrians that is at or connected to the Brawner farm.

  10. Conway Forest Park

    • We need a better, larger parking area for the hikers and bikers.