$700M Annual Tax Revenue

Opportunity is knocking...

With data centers, Pageland Lane could be a source of over half a billion dollars in annual tax revenue after buildout. 

The Economic Impact

Our county could be equal to Ashburn and Data Center Alley in Loudoun. The problem? Prince William County is out of land!

The PW Digital Gateway is the solution! 

Prince William is 10 years behind the Digital Revolution.

We must get in the game now! 

Large green dollar sign behind a yellow line graph going up

Pageland Lane:
Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place. 

The Loudoun Quarry at Gum Springs Road, the VDOT 2500 Commuter Parking Lot, and a three-million square foot data center are next-door to us and the Manassas Battlefield.   

The Dominion East coast "Backbone" transmission lines bisect our farms and the Manassas Battlefield. These lines have provided the power Loudoun needed to turn itself into one the wealthiest counties in the nation. 

The resiliency of Prince William depends on our commercial tax base! There is no better "bang for your buck" than bringing data centers. The PW Digital Gateway could skyrocket the county's budget and add $700 Million annually for schools, public services, transportation, reducing residential taxes, and more!  

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