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1/27 Labor Union Rally: Fransico of Carpenters Local 197 speaks in support of PW Digital Gateway!

40+ Labor Union Workers Rally to Support PW Digital Gateway at a Press Conference on January 27th.

The Press Conference was held outside George Mason University Beacon Hall.

Fransisco Sparsa, a member of Carpenters Local 197, is a Woodbridge resident.

Francisco and 40 other labor union members, all PWC residents, held a press conference supporting the PW Digital Gateway @ 5:30 pm Thursday.

These workers get up at 4 AM because they have to commute out of PWC to their construction jobs in Loudoun and Maryland. This is why they decided to hold a press conference. It's unfortunate their 40 plus "SUPPORTING VOICES" were not counted by the media. It's time to stop the commuting madness for all PWC residents. "I'm excited to be able to recruit residents of my community, but we can only accomplish this if the Board of PW Approves PW Digital Gateway so that workers in PWC are not victims of Wage Theft! " You can watch and listen to Mr. Sparsa's comments below:


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