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1/27 Labor Union Rally: Kyle McMillan of IBEW Local 26 Speaks In Favor of PW Digital Gateway

On January 27th, local labor union members rallied in support of the PW Digital Gateway before the Community Meeting at GMU Beacon Hall. Kyle McMillian is a 20-year union member with #IBEWLocal26. He lives in the Occoquan district and is proud to call Prince William County home! This is why he and his fellow workers want data centers in PWC and support the PW Digital Gateway:

He used to work at Giant grocery store, but when he learned about the wages and benefits of being a union member electrician, he jumped at the opportunity for a career. He has been able to work to sustain his family. Today, he says he does the "rewarding work of recruiting other electricians into the profession, offering career paths" to them. He wished he had known about union work after high school, because after trying to go to college he ended up working with his hands in a career that gives him great stability.

"I want that future for more people. The PW Digital Gateway will provide those opportunities for hundreds of county residents... and I can promise you this, when this project gets approved, I will recruit PWC residents myself who want to get a job in the electrical trade making over $100,000 a year. This is an important project that will provide thousands of jobs for our neighbors."

You can watch and listen to Mr. McMillian's comments below:


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