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BREAKING NEWS: PWC is OUT of Land for Data Centers!

May 18th PWC Commercial Broker Virtual Breakfast

In a room filled with over 50 attendees, the Prince William Economic Development Director was forced to admit that our county is out of land for data centers and other commercial uses in the Data Center Overlay Corridor!

In short.. our goose is COOKED!

Supervisor Candland has asked "at what cost" are we willing to open up parts of the rural area? The real question we should be asking is: "What cost is PWC willing to pay to continue with this exclusionary zone?"

Here is the cost of continuing our land-use policies:

  • Companies are interested in locating in PWC: The problem? No land available for Data Centers or commercial investment.

  • Pageland Corridor's ruralness & property values have been destroyed by 250 ft wide Transmission lines that feed the wealth to Loudoun!

  • PWC's commercial tax base has gone down to 12% vs Loudoun's 40%.

  • We are not competitive due to a lack of land to attract commercial investment.

PWC must act now to get in the Data Center Tax revenue game. You don't see Loudoun residents complaining about $700 Million Dollars added to their tax base and a 20% lower tax rate than PWC!

What does this mean to PWC citizens?

  • Better schools

  • Jobs in PWC: Our county exports more workers than any other in Northern Virginia, meaning our citizens have to commute outside PWC to get well-paying jobs.

  • Decreased burden on the residential tax rate for our residents.

  • Better public services and county-wide programs.

Economic Development is the lifeblood of our county! BOCS and the citizens should be requiring a weekly update from Economic Development concerning commercial tax base, opportunities, and lost opportunities. How can Economic Development succeed without properly planned land? Someone needs to sound the alarm!


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