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Data Centers developers flock to NoVA. Will PWC catch this wave?

In the data center world, Northern Virginia is the home of the cloud, housing the largest concentration of server farms for Amazon Web Services, Google, Microsoft and Facebook. This demand is particularly strong near a strategic Internet intersection in Ashburn, Virginia that serves as a global crossroads for data traffic. As the cloud grows, the ability to add servers near Ashburn has become the table stakes for companies with ambitions in cloud computing.

As a result, data center users seem to have an endless appetite for deploying servers in Northern Virginia.

But how long can this boom continue?

There are at least seven new players planning to enter the Northern Virginia data center market in the next several years. The influx of real estate developers in the region is tied to investor interest in providing infrastructure for hyperscale operators in blue-chip markets.

Northern Virginia is home to about 250 data centers and the largest cloud cluster for Amazon Web Services, as well as major operations for Meta, Google and Microsoft. Loudoun County is home to 26 million square feet of existing data center space, with at least 8 million square feet in the pipeline.

Prince William County reported more than 5 million square feet in its last update, and with recent development is likely in the range of 8 to 10 million square feet of data centers.


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