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Data Centers Pay More for the Same Water as you and I do

DOMINION ELECTRIC utility took the unusual step of detailing customer agreements about planned data centers — the facilities that house equipment to store and move data, power apps and provide access to computer networks.

Dominion spokesman Aaron Ruby said the agreements Dominion signs with big users mean they pick up a share of the cost of new lines and substations.

He said they pay a proportionate amount for the cost of generating power to meet their needs

  • Dominion’s tariffs for residential and large commercial customers account for generation costs differently.

  • Residential customers pay 3.4933 cents per kilowatt hour used for the first 800 kilowatt-hours, and 5.3137 cents during the summer or 2.6942 during the rest of the year for any additional electricity to cover their share of the cost of most of Dominion’s generating plants. They pay an additional 0.57 cent per kilowatt hour in a surcharge that funds two newer ones and the cost of extending the operating license for the Surry and North Anna nuclear plants.

  • Big commercial customers, like Data Centers pay $10.265 for each kilowatt that flows into their facilities.

That means a plant drawing 1,000 kilowatts at any one instant would pay $10,265 to cover its share of Dominion’s generating costs. A residential customer using 1,000 kilowatt-hours over the course of a month would pay $44.31 for generation and the generating plant-linked surcharges — the rest of the bill covers the cost of Dominion’s power lines, fuel and other expenses.

PWSA customers are charged for water consumption based on metered water usage. This charge covers the cost of purchased water, as well as the cost of operation and maintenance for the Service Authority’s lines, pumping stations and water storage tanks.

Residential customers do not subsidize commercial customer water usage. The opposite is true. Commercial users pay more for the same water.


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