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Does Social Justice Matter to You?

"If you care about social justice, you have to care about zoning." —New York Times, May 19, 2021

This headline is from an article in the "New York Times" just a few months ago. As we continue to work toward a more racially equal world, we have to be mindful of the part we play at home—where we work and live. Are we doing all that we can on a local level to

foster social justice in our communities?

The very first zoning laws in Virginia written in the early 20th century, were actually copied from segregation laws.

The law firm, McGuire Woods recently hosted a webinar discussing how zoning laws relate to racial and economic segregation.

Zoning Today—Economic Segregation

Whether intentional or not, zoning today can create economic segregation. When zoning laws are written for the advantage of a few without considering the future of the larger group, income disparity becomes an issue. In the areas where the household income is lower, funding for schools, first responders, and infrastructure will be affected.

Zoning Today—Ending the Income Divide

We have a golden opportunity in Prince William County to create a much brighter future for all of our residents.


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