Elena and Bob - You are entitled to your own opinion BUT not your own Facts!

From: Mary Ann Ghadban Sent: Sunday, November 7, 2021 5:07 PM Subject: Elena and Bob - You are entitled to your own opinion BUT not your own Facts! Dear Members of the Board: We attended a Heritage Hunt Meeting on Nov.4th which was orchestrated by PW Alliance, The Coalition to Protect PWC, Bob Weir as Haymarket Town Councilman and National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) regarding the proposed data centers on Pageland and near PW Forest Park. There were about 80 residents in attendance. Desperate times require desperate rhetoric and speakers Bob Weir, Elena Schlossberg, and Kim Hosen (none of whom live on or near Pageland Lane) presented misleading and false information about data centers in general and our pending projects in particular. We were embarrassed about how cavalier they were misrepresenting the facts, and based on their “fake news” I can understand why Heritage Hunt is so concerned. We have sent emails to the President of the HOA of Heritage Hunt requesting a meeting (noted below) so we can give them the facts, discuss any legitimate concerns, and work together collaboratively to discuss solutions; we hope together to create a “win-win-win” (Heritage Hunt, The County, Pageland) opportunity for ALL PWC residents. We are looking forward to meeting with our neighbors to the west of Pageland. Subsequent to this inflammatory meeting, these same activists have sent emails and posts demanding Pete Candland's resignation. They claim they represent the majority of citizens and state that Mr. Candland can no longer represent their interests, as if this one single matter is his sole mission for being in office. We have said this many times but will say it again: These groups of elitists DO NOT represent the majority of PWC and certainly not the residents of Pageland; instead, they represent their own self-interests and have done little or nothing to move this County forward. What have they done to truly enhance our commercial tax base? To enhance our PWC community infrastructure? To better serve our schools and students or to lessen the tax burden for all PWC citizens? They podium pound to say NO to everything – no solutions, just no, no, no to every legitimate initiative. Their single, predictable, default and oft-used weapon is simple – fear-mongering. It’s important to remember, HH subdivision of 1,863 homes was once the Marsh Farm and when it developed 15 years ago it dramatically changed forever our rural character and has cost us much in infrastructure. Those that don’t live along Pageland do not live under huge power lines, nor understand our daily traffic challenges, no true appreciation of the negative costs of farming or the unfair restrictions on our property rights. We feel certain everyone from HH who has moved here from other areas understands that virtually all subdivisions started as farms. We remain confident that all PWC residents that truly learn the facts, rather than just rely on fear, will appreciate the extraordinary, beneficial, and major fiscal benefits of this initiative. Since the inception of RC in 1988, which was created to control sprawl for a 20-year period, we have been held hostage by so-called preservationists whose motive is to protect themselves. It’s now been 23+ years. The County has spent much valuable time and resources over these many years debating, studying, and gathering community input from a minority group of non-representational people. This has, for almost ¼ of a century, years diverted elected representatives and resources from dealing with Countywide issues. These groups have been led and supported by Piedmont Environmental Council whose sole mission is to keep PWC as a buffer for Fauquier. PEC is the reason we ended up with the Pageland transmission lines in the first place, and in 2008 the PEC negotiated with Loudoun on their Comprehensive Plan Change which was to let all the land in Loudoun EAST of Rt. 15 develop so they could save all the Rural/Wealthy Landowners properties WEST of Rt. 15. Their actions clearly show they have no regard for nor interest in protecting Pageland/Gainesville. And why should they? We are not one of their protected Counties. More recently the Coalition to Protect PW, led by Elena Schlossberg in conjunction with the PEC, made sure that a high transmission power line was not placed within her wealthy enclave of Thunder Oaks, adjacent to the Currier Estate which purchased the conservation easement around Thunder Oaks to protect their boundaries. She truly does live in a rural area vastly different from Pageland. Since 2008 Pageland has suffered with the 250 ft wide right of way with 3 (500KV) transmission lines, 2 (250KV) transmission lines, and 1 (150KV) transmission line. Ironically and insightfully, Elena has specifically stated, transmission lines ruin the "ruralness of an area forever, all the green spaces around it and damage the property values, lives and increase the odds for illness". Does not the same hold true for Pageland? On top of that, we have the Pageland Autobahn of truck/commuters am and pm traffic to and from Loudoun every single day. Pageland Lane is 4.5 miles long and it will host two traffic lights on each end because of the ever-increasing traffic nightmare on Pageland. There ain’t nothing rural about that. Preservationists want us to think that Data Centers on Pageland will destroy the entire rural area, all of Gainesville, ruin our air and water (none of that accurate), and fail to acknowledge the huge financial benefits to the County and its citizens It’s the usual ignorant vitriol, spewed with such promiscuous regularity as to render it meaningless. We cannot fail to enact policies that will benefit the broad swath of County residents, especially those struggling hardest to succeed. We remain confident that our BOCS realize that most informed PWC residents are not and will not be swayed by fear or dictated to by those whose focus is NOT on jobs, economic opportunity, and better lives for all our citizens. Thank you for your leadership, Page Snyder, Mary Ann Ghadban, and Pageland Community


See Below: Email to Heritage Hunt

From: Mary Ann Ghadban Sent: Friday, November 5, 2021 7:21 AM Subject: Request for Meeting from Pageland Residents Importance: High Request for Meeting from Pageland Residents Good Morning Mr. Silverman , Page Snyder and I along with several other Pageland residents attended the Data Center meeting last night. Out of respect for the presenters, we did not speak. There was unfortunately a lot of misinformation and panic peddling. For example, we have specifically and carefully submitted for data center’s only and building heights that will be limited to one and two stories around the Manassas Battlefield and Heritage Hunt in order to protect viewsheds and visibility. The residents of Pageland Lane do not live in a rural environment. The Pageland Lane corridor has become the “junk room” for massive Dominion transmission lines that cut through our properties. Pageland Lane is a major truck/commuter route. All of this has made Pageland Lane no longer rural and the residents , including Supervisor Pete Candland, are requesting this land use change because of this. We believe that an attractive, controlled, defined corridor of data centers (that are sensitive to virtually all of the issues you heard complained about last evening) will help support meaningfully the tax base of Prince William – increasing the commercial tax base and reducing it for our residents . We would be grateful for an opportunity to present the facts to you, your Advisory Committee and the Heritage Hunt community. We’d be very pleased to conduct a tour of our properties. We’d like to present the real facts and opportunities to Heritage Hunt so that you and your attractive community can be informed, rather than just inflamed. We look forward to getting together with you and your community, and working together through this exciting and complex process. Thank you , Mary Ann Ghadban and Page Snyder Good Morning Mr. Silverman, As a neighbor who has lived in the Gainesville/Catharpin communities for almost twenty years, I would like to thank you for allowing me to attend the Heritage Hunt Data Center meeting Thursday evening. This wasn't a meeting set up by or for those of us who live within the Pageland Corridor so out of respect for the questions you and your neighbors were trying to ask and get answered, I willingly yielded to all of you. However, there were several half-truths and misrepresentations of factual, public information presented. Additionally, there are some misconceptions and misunderstandings with regards to who funds what public utilities, the applicability and capacity of the Dominion Power Backbone lines, and the actual content of the Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPA) applications that have already been submitted to the PWC Planning Office. Mr. Mike Grossman (Trappers Ridge) and I (Dominique Estates) would like to offer to come speak with and answer any questions you or your Heritage Hunt neighbors might have. We are more than willing to do this in conjunction with Mary Ann Ghadban, Page Synder, and any representatives from the Catharpin Farms neighborhood which also submitted a CPA application this past week. I heard and understand your community's questions regarding the historical significance, environment, fiscal expenditures, and future quality of life. Mike and I are confident we can answer most of your questions and belay your community's concerns. We also firmly believe our CPA applications and any subsequent rezoning applications will adequately address these issues. Our communities have already been robbed of their rural character. Your neighbors to the east, to include Mr. Candland, will do everything we can to ensure the proper steps and measures are taken to protect, buffer and maintain the rural character and beauty of your community in a natural and environmentally friendly manner. As with any emerging technology and industry, the data centers have and continue to innovate and modernize rapidly. These companies and facilities are light years ahead of where they were just a decade ago, and they continue to work closely with their neighbors to improve the quality of life, education opportunities, and local economies of those communities. In cooperation with our neighbors, the Manassas National Battlefield, Robinson State Park, the PWC Planning Office, Planning Commission and Board of County Supervisors, we firmly believe we can come up with a visually appealing and properly managed data center corridor that protects our Nation's historical treasures and environment while economically benefitting everyone who lives in Prince William County. Most Sincerely, Kenn Knarr and Mike Grossman

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