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Fairfax Times: Data Centers are Mission Critical to NOVA & the Economy

Data centers have been a mission-critical element in the development of Northern Virginia’s digital ecosystem, bringing in investments that lead to better infrastructure, an educated workforce, high-quality career paths, and significant economic growth.

Beyond the tech, operational, and skilled trade careers directly created by these facilities, they also support hundreds of construction jobs during the initial construction and ongoing maintenance phases for each data center, not to mention the various other local companies that benefit from data centers including many local restaurants, hotels, caterers, rental car companies, and more.

As long as people and businesses continue to rely on transferring and storing large amounts of data at work and at home, data centers will play a key role. To that end, Northern Virginia should and will continue to be a significant market in supplying those data needs. In the future, new innovations will enable these facilities to stay on the cutting edge, delivering more data while continuing to advance energy and water efficiency technology critical to the facilities’ operations, as well as improved design elements.

By allowing smart growth of data centers now and in the future, we can continue to reap the rewards of having developed this homegrown industry over the last several decades, ensuring future prosperity for our local area, its businesses, and its citizens.


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