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Here's How Data Centers Can Help Build the Local Economy:

On January 27th, 40+ local labor union members rallied in support of the PW Digital Gateway before the Community Meeting at GMU Beacon Hall. Three different union members spoke about why they support this project. Chris Cash, training director and longtime member of IBEW Local 26, was one of the speakers.

Chris Cash has been a resident of Manassas for 31 years. He is the training director of IBEW. He is a member of the IBEW local 26. He came up from the training program offered by the union.

He worked hands on in the industry for 17 years and for the last 14 years he has been training future workers. He helps train the 1360 apprentices, many of those local to PWC. Manassas has its own training center. Cash says the data center industry has led to thousands of jobs and careers in construction. Cash says their program helps train these workers and assures data centers that their workers are highly qualified and trained in a number of crucial skills.

Cash stressed that it is OK to go into skilled trades. He believes the PW Digital Gateway will provide job opportunities in PW and allow his union to recruit more PWC residents in the electrical trade. This project will provide a first job for many local residents. This is why he and his fellow workers want data centers in PWC and support the PW Digital Gateway!

You can watch and listen to Mr. Cash's comments below:




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