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Janice Stone speaks honestly & Non Politically while leading a PEC / PW Conservation Alliance Walk.

On New Year's Day the PEC/PW Alliance sponsored a walk at Brawner Farm.

Janice Stone, introduced as a highly regarded and well-known Naturalist and a leader for the PW Conservation Alliance/ PEC walk debunked a number of lies being told about the Data Centers, view sheds, Transmission lines, and more proposed on Pageland Lane.

Here are some highlights from Janice's walk on the Battlefield, regarding Data Center proposal. Listen for yourself:

"We are going to try and make this a NON-POLITICAL event. I don't want to bring up political things other than to bring up what's been going on over the centuries with land use and the battles and everything else associated with it."

"You can already see would be replacing a house with a data center. Not sure there is a huge difference. The intrusion on your view would still be shielded by these trees here, and you still have these powerlines. Not a big difference."

" Is there Power for Data Center? They have power Period. "

"The viewshed - this is the least impacted view...I find it disingenuous to say save this place and not this place"

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