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Know the Facts: The Digital Gateway

Adding data centers in the Digital Gateway protects neighborhoods, schools and the environment better than locating them in the Data Center Overlay.


  • Data Center Overlay land is within ½ mile of thirteen (13) schools and directly borders ten (10) suburban residential neighborhoods.

  • The Digital Gateway is 1 mile to one school and data centers will not directly border any suburban neighborhoods. (Heritage Hunt will directly border 55 acres of parks, trails and protected open space within Digital Gateway.)

  • Most of the Data Center Overlay is located within the Occoquan Watershed and drains to the Occoquan reservoir — just like Digital Gateway does.

  • The Data Center Overlay development does not require rezoning proffers. The Digital Gateway will have rezoning proffers that will limit development and protect sensitive environmental areas.

  • The Data Center Overlay does not have a Green Infrastructure Plan. The Green Infrastructure component of the PW Digital Gateway Special Study Area provides additional policies and action strategies that apply specifically to the Study Area.

  • The Data Center Overlay does not have greenway, trails and parks. Digital Gateway provides an opportunity to ensure a robust and connected system of greenways, trails, open space, and parks which provide a benefit to the environment, County residents, and local wildlife.


Historically, the data centers have been properly zoned near existing industrial areas... This planning was done intentionally to develop land where data centers would be minimally invasive to both residents and the surrounding environment. (underline added)

-The National Parks Conservation Association

This is simply not true. There are areas within the Data Center Overlay that would be very invasive for residents, schools and the surrounding environment — much more so than within Digital Gateway.


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