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Letter: Data centers will meet demand, grow economy

As the coronavirus pandemic shifted many workspaces and school spaces into home spaces, demands for digital technologies and massive needs for digital data have grown exponentially over the past few years, and there appears to be no slowing of that growth for years to come.

To meet that demand, both end-user tech companies and data center developers are hungry for land to build data centers, especially near the Ashburn area.

The PW Digital Gateway in the Pageland corridor, which is no longer rural, may prove to be the perfect solution to suppress that hunger due to its proximity to Ashburn, availability of high-power transmission lines and large tracts of land (over 2,100 acres), along with enormous support from Pageland corridor landowners and water/sewer on its doorstep. The PW Digital Gateway is 1% of all land in Prince William County.

More data centers in the PW Digital Gateway will bring enormous tax revenue that will benefit all citizens of Prince William. The annual tax revenue of $700 million to $1 billion will reduce the residential tax burden and fund a world-class school system, and the data centers will create thousands of construction and permanent jobs and about a $30 billion capital investment in the county.

Smart economic development in Prince William is not a Democratic issue or a Republican issue. This is a Prince William County issue. Tell the Board of County Supervisors to come out from their political shadows and vote yes to approve this project.

– Ali Imam, Catharpin

(Editor’s note: Imam is among landowners in the area who are seeking the Comprehensive Plan amendment.)


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