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LETTER: PW Digital Gateway would boost commercial tax revenues

In the debate over the Prince William Digital Gateway, some of the opposition seems to assume that nothing will ever be built in Prince William County again if the Digital Gateway is tripped up. But at least some development is necessary.

Prince William County is currently in an unhealthy, unbalanced range of about 85% residential properties and 15% commercial properties.

It has been said that a good ratio for development is approximately 70% residential properties and 30% commercial properties.

What that means for the average resident is that there are too few tax-generating commercial properties in Prince William County to properly relieve the high local tax burden on us, the hard-working taxpayers of Prince William County.

A technology corridor, like the Prince William Digital Gateway, can lead to more of those much-needed tax generating commercial properties, as well as more high-tech jobs, and is a good investment for the future. We just need to take the next steps to make it an economic reality.

As the world of technology grows and grows, shouldn't Prince William County grab a share of it?

David Seyer



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