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PEC says that "Tree canopy contribute to drivers traveling more slowly" Not on Pageland...

A recent article promoted by the PEC claims that:

"Generally speaking, as depicted by the lower photo, narrower travel lanes, shorter block lengths, and a tree canopy, all contribute to drivers traveling more slowly. Conversely, wide lanes, long block lengths, and open skies, as seen in the upper photo, communicate to drivers that higher speeds are appropriate.”

Apparently, this logic does not apply on Pageland Autobahn where dump trucks, commuters, and 18-wheelers all travel down the road at lightning-fast speeds at all hours! When drivers aren't flying down the "rural" road, there is heavy traffic congesting travel!

See for yourself:

Just your average day on Pageland Lane... Cars slamming on the breaks go from speeding down the road to a dead stop as traffic backs up for miles down this "rural" road!

Pageland Traffic at 2PM on a regular Tuesday!

This is a regular sight on Pageland. Hours before rush hour, cars back up for miles!

Truck Traffic to Pageland at 12:25pm. This is just your regular Thursday on Pageland Lane!

Residents of Pageland Lane regularly risk their lives just to turn in and out of their driveways, collect the mail, or put out trashcans due to rushing commuters and massive trucks flying down the road!

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