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PETE CANDLAND: SELF-APPOINTED KING OF PAGELAND LANE YOU have only lived off Pageland for 3 years so how does that make you an authority on how Pageland has changed in the last 60 years? YOU don't live on Pageland, you live on a road off Pageland. YOU don’t have transmission lines visible or on your property: why didn’t you buy one of the homes that were for sale with the transmission lines? YOU don't hear the truck traffic or take your life in your hands to get your mail and pull in or out of your driveway YOU posted a misleading video about the so-called ruralness of Pageland. How stupid do you think the real Pageland residents are? HERE'S WHY PAGELAND IS NOT RURAL ANYMORE: Morning and evening rush hours have long traffic backups. There were 7 thru transport trucks in your 2:30 PM video. Dump truck traffic from Loudoun's quarry travels Pageland throughout the day. Cars and trucks far exceed the speed limit and pass on solid white lines. Pageland is so dangerous that school buses will not pick up kids at the intersection of Pageland and Livia; instead, they pull into Livia (a private road) to make their pick-ups Huge high tension power lines through our properties and the Manassas Battlefield Park The threat of the Rt.234 ByPass being built down Pageland and taking our homes and properties. Pageland has a traffic light at 29 and now another is being added which you pushed for at Pageland and 234 intersections with a turn lane. I don’t know of any 4.5-mile RURAL road that has a traffic light on each end and a turn lane! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR THE RESIDENTS OF PAGELAND LANE? YOU approved a 3 million sq ft data center on Pageland and 29, across from the Manassas Battlefield Park in 2019. YOU agreed to the right of way for the proposed Rt. 234 Bypass Extension in 2019. And now the project is applying for a special use permit to build a Sheetz gas station across from the Conway Robinson State Park and near the entrance to Heritage Hunt. YOU never talked to the Pageland community about the approval of Gainesville Crossing. We know that you only care about your voting base in Heritage Hunt and the Parks at Piedmont, both of which were once farms that now negatively impact the ruralness of this part of Gainesville. YOU never informed our neighborhood that a 2500 space commuter parking lot was going to be built on our doorstep. Seems like you are only interested in controlling everyone else for your own benefit Because of your lack of leadership the Pageland community has united to try to make the best out of a bad situation: the community has initiated a win/win plan to increase the county's commercial tax base and sell our properties BECAUSE MOST OF US SEE THE WRITING ON THE WALL AND WE DON'T WANT TO LIVE HERE ANYMORE. You took an oath when you were sworn in as Supervisor to “ Faithfully and impartially discharge all of the duties incumbent upon you”. Your actions have shown otherwise. Your arbitrary and self-serving actions prove that you are not fulfilling your duty as our Supervisor and you should recuse yourself from voting on the citizen-initiated CPA for Pageland Lane


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