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Potomac Local News, Opinion: Move forward with Digital Gateway

Letters to the Editor

Following the Prince William Board of County Supervisors’ vote to approve the Comprehensive Plan Amendment for the Digital Gateway last November, I urge the Planning Commission and Board of County Supervisors to continue moving forward with efforts to implement the transformative vision of the project.

The Prince William Digital Gateway aligns with the county’s strategic plan. It provides an array of benefits through an increased tax base to fund opportunities for schools, affordable housing, parks, trails, public health, transportation, and other services.

The data centers that it would bring also offer significant national security advantages. These facilities are built to operate when power has been disrupted, ensuring their functionality in a national emergency, if required.

It is critical to our national security apparatus that data management and its recovery from natural disasters or acts of terrorism remain vibrant and at the ready. Prince William County is at the center of this strategy as we take measures to harden against any threats through a multi-layered redundancy system. Additionally, data centers pave the way for cooperation between local, state, and federal entities in identifying terrorist threats or coordinating in response to them.

Our county has been presented with a tremendous opportunity to initiate wide-ranging benefits to its residents and lead on the national security front. I hope that the Prince William County Planning Commission and county supervisors will take the necessary steps to allow the plans for the Digital Gateway to continue moving forward during the coming months.

Eugene (Gene) Stefanucci Prince William County


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