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PW Digital Gateway is the solution

Here are the facts:

  • Data Centers are the most tax revenue positive use available to PW.

  • PWDG is not 110-foot high DCs.

  • PWDG is more than 1 mile from the closest school.

  • PWDG does not place DCs 100 feet from any resident’s yard.

  • If PWDG is adopted, there is no need to expand or broaden the Data Center Opportunity Zone Overlay District (DCOZOD) to other areas of the County.

Available Land within the DCOZOD is critical to the success of other Targeted Industries, including the biotech and wet lab startups that the County and GMU have been investing in for 15 years.

You destroy these other favored businesses if you encourage the DCOZOD to build out with data centers prior to adopting staff's PWDG Plan Amendment (because there is no other place for DCs to go).

“I support the efforts of the county to diversify its tax base and appreciate that a diversified tax base will provide more funding to our schools and much-needed tax relief to Prince William residents. In fact, I support building data centers in Prince William. But whether to build data centers is not the question. The real question is where.”

- Jennifer Wall, PWSB Member.


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