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PWC's Source of Revenue? Show me the money!

Over the next 20 years, Prince William will experience increases in population, demand for governmental services and County/school budgets. The acreage planned 20 years ago for Targeted Industries is simply not enough for the next 20 years.

The County will need more jobs and more commercial tax revenue.

PRINCE WILLIAM DIGITAL GATEWAY furthers the Comprehensive Plan goal to provide a pattern of land use Countywide that ENCOURAGES FISCALLY SOUND DEVELOPMENT and achieves a high-quality living environment.

The increase in planned employment capacity this CPA will establish, supports the adopted 2021-2024 Strategic Plan goal to significantly expand THE COUNTY’S COMMERCIAL TAX BASE.

A much more robust commercial tax base is crucial to the quality of life for all PW residents.

An annual operating budget pays for:

  • Debt service costs for projects financed by debt

  • Facility operating costs

  • Program operating costs – the services operating from the facility

Schools (Additional Funding needed in the future):

  • The schools Superintendent presented an ambitious strategic plan that addresses long-term needs. Fully funding the strategic plan will make our school division much more competitive and make our community a better place to live.

-For too long our school division has been funded on the backs of property owners and families. The residential property tax makes up nearly 83% of the revenue we use to pay for schools. It is no greater than 65% in surrounding counties.

-We must look toward other sources of revenue. Other counties generate the rest of their revenue from a robust commercial tax base.

-The Prince William Digital Gateway CPA offers tremendous potential for tax revenue that can make us competitive with surrounding districts.

-Another benefit: A reduction in student generation numbers for schools with existing capacity issues will be realized if the CPA is approved.

Health and Mental Services (Additional Funding needed in the future):

  • Local administration of Health Services provides the opportunity for a greater investment in the public health through the local jurisdictions’ budgets and other resources available to address local needs based on local data.

- While there is an additional cost along with additional liability, local administration assures that public health services continue to be responsive and reflective of the local community.

- There will be a need for further budget analysis in future fiscal years to meet and deliver designated services levels, which will be determined locally to address emerging community health needs.

  • The new Crisis Receiving Center will require ongoing operational funding – estimated to be up to $4.7M per year.

Judicial Center Expansion (Additional Funding needed in the future):

  • Address current/long term space needs:

- Parking

- Court expansion

- Annex building(s)

- Bennett School

- Debt service begins in FY25

Juvenile Services Center (Additional Funding needed in the future):

Homeless Navigation Center – East (Additional Funding needed in the future):

Parks, Recreation, and Open Space (Additional Funding needed in the future):

  • Implementation of the County-wide Master Plan is estimated to cost approximately $487,000,000 over 15 years (not including operating costs) and this estimate includes the $41,000,000 in 2019 Parks Bond Referendum projects.


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