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Serving the Community: How data centers give back in Northern Virginia

In 2022, hundreds of employees from more than a dozen data center companies in Northern Virginia and across the country came together and rolled up their sleeves for the first annual #DataCenterSleevesUp blood drive in partnership with the American Red Cross. By the time the campaign had ended, data center employees had pledged to donate more than 500 units of blood. The smashing success of the inaugural campaign led to a repeat performance in 2023, with another 800 units of blood donated.

But the blood drive is far from the only example of giving back from an industry where support for local communities is the expectation and the norm.

While some may perceive data centers as big empty buildings, data center owners and tenants see themselves as members of their communities and have shown deep commitment to actively giving back. Beyond the benefits they inherently bring to Northern Virginia in terms of tax revenue, jobs and economic development, data centers contribute time, talent and resources to their communities in myriad ways.

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