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Supervisor Candland Is this any way to run an Ice Cream Shop?

Candland, Lawson vote NO for Data Center because it's OUTSIDE of Overlay corridor..

What a joke!

· Candland asks Data Centers to Wait 6-9 months for study before they make other applications. WHAT THE ?????!!!!

· Here we are post COVID trying to get our commercial tax base up from 12% and he is telling the Golden Goose/Cash Cow to go elsewhere!!!

· Supervisor Candland when you run out of your best selling ice cream flavor do you re-order it or do you tell your customers to go elsewhere?

· It's that simple...This is no way to run a county or even an ice cream shop ..thankfully our Democratic majority knows he importance of getting better jobs, schools and quality of life for ALL PWC citizens. BTW ...... We all know Lawson & Candland approved 3 data centers in PWC outside of Data Center Overlay in 2019 and the first one next door to the rural area and Manassas Battlefield. Do you think the citizens don't see through your BS? BRAVO to Democrat Majority for having vision, leadership and courage to realize Economic Opportunity and Quality of Life are synonymous!

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