The Park's Hidden Agenda...15 Years in the Making.

The South may have lost the Civil War against Slavery, Congress may have passed a Congressional Act prohibiting the Park’s expansion, but the reality is the landowners’ property rights on Pageland Lane and the opportunity for ALL PWC residents have been controlled by the Manassas Battlefield Park.

Pictured: Stonewall Jackson Statue is front and center on Manassas Battlefield GMP EIS Chapter 2 and on site on the Park

  • Why DID the Battlefield support a 3 million sq foot Data Center adjacent to the Park in 2019 and now Opposes the PW Digital Gateway?

  • Why DID these organization SUPPORT the Bi County Parkway on Park Land and along Pageland Lane?:




  4. Manassas Battlefield Park

Because the Park’s published Master Plan states their objective is to CONTROL PRIVATE PROPERTY as potential Conservation Easement areas and control Pageland and PWC’s ability to have Economic and Job Opportunity.

  • These 4 organizations ALL supported a 60, VTPD limited access road along and on the Brawner farm …because their mitigation solution was to steal 'private property rights" without the consent or knowledge of the property owners. This is a problem for ALL Virginian's!

  • There is still a WAR being waged on Pageland Lane. The ugly truth is the Park Service and these other organizations want to steal our land

These organization do not want progress, opportunity or equality for ALL, frankly, they seem to think of our properties as their Kingdom.

They are meddling in a local land use decisions in an area that has been ruined by Transmission lines, truck and commuter traffic for their own self-serving " I got mine" agenda... and why in the world do they feel having a statue of Stonewall Jackson in the Park and on the 2nd chapter of the Master Plan is inviting, inclusive and sensitive to our majority minority population?

THE PARK SUPPORTED a 3 million SF Data Center at the footsteps of Stuart’s Hill and they had no problems with the right of way for the Rt. 234 By Pass being dedicated, which set the precedent. So why would they take issue with PW Digital Gateway which will follow the same standards set by Gainesville Crossing?

You have to know the hidden agenda of the Park Service’s Master Plan which is to ultimately get another 1000 acres of private property on Pageland Lane into conservation easements to permanently expand their viewshed. The facts below show the overzealous, overreaching methods the Park, VDOT and 11 other Special interest groups schemed for 10 years (and still are) to restrict 1000 acres of private property along Pageland, devaluing these properties, build the Bi County Parkway. deny PWC any economic benefit from the road by prohibiting any land use changes along the Bi County Parkway and frankly using our 1000 acres as if they had a right to it to accomplish their LAND GRAB. This is not a fictional story, it is the real life nightmare that the longtime landowners on Pageland Land have suffered through, and it is a problem for all Virginian’s to be concerned about.

VDOT/NPS were planning a LAND GRAB against our private properties behind closed doors. In a letter of June 12, 2012 it is all spelled out. The Park thanks the VA Secretary of Transportation for the Bi County Parkway and the $3million dollars offered to force 1000 acres of Pageland private land into conservation easements.

Below are the FACTS and chronology which demonstrates the backroom dealings that went on between DC Park Headquarters, Richmond/VDOT, and our own PWC Chairman Stewart’s office from 2006 to 2012…. the Property Rights “Grab” against the owners of Pageland Lane.

NOTE: It doesn’t matter who the Superintendent is the orders come from the DC Hqs.

From 2006 to September 2012 the Bi County Parkway was being negotiated by Special Interest Groups using private property as mitigation and tools to meet the desires of the Manassas Battlefield Park goals of expanding and destroying the value and taking the property rights of our private property without our knowledge and leaving us with no other options but to sell to the Civil War Trust at pennies on the dollar. They tried to leverage us by denying landowners access to the BCP, requiring that no development, commercial or residential, be allowed, giving landowners little choice but to go with conservation easements.

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