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Top 5 reasons why you should be working in the data center industry

1.International Opportunities

The data centre industry is truly global.

· Exciting jobs working on some of the biggest data centre projects:

· across multiple borders.

· experiencing multiple cultures, languages, and standards of operation.

2.Skills Shortage

The data centre market is an industries suffering with massive skills shortages.

· By 2025 an extra 300,000+ further jobs will be created, globally, in data centres.

By building your expertise in the industry, you are future proofing your career and quite possibly boosting your earning potential quite significantly at the same time.

3.Changing the World

The data centre sector is the most important industry on the planet today. Every driving factor for the global economy leads back to a data centre somewhere.

· Examples may include:

· day to day use of your smart phone

· continued cloud adoption by data hungry businesses

· the Internet of Things

· driverless cars

· Artificial Intelligence.

· All of these, and much more, are key drivers of the industry.

Quite simply put - data centres power our present and future World.

4.Continuous Innovation

Data centres are highly technical environments and the technology being used in the industry is evolving at an incredible rate.

· "hyperscale" has increased power demands.

· stay green

· maximise efficiency

· minimise costs.

facilities are being built at unprecedented levels of SPEED in order to keep up with demands.

5.The People

The data centre industry is a social one and is full of genuinely great people!

· make new friends

· share ideas

· build new networks of likeminded individuals,

· work regionally, nationally or internationally

work on challenging and rewarding projects with peers at all levels.


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