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What do the "Preservation Groups" mean when they say, "We are ONE Prince William?"

What they really mean is that we are

"One Western Prince William"

They only want people that can afford a $1.5M home on 10 acres in the Western end... not "those" people that live in apartments and townhouses who don't earn a 6-figure income.

  • They want to continue to cram apartments & high density into the Eastern end and avoid any affordable housing intrusions into their fiefdom.

  • The Rural Area in Western PWC has created a huge income divide between the "haves" in the West and the "have nots" in the East. And these groups will use any dirty trick in the book to keep it that way.

  • Special Interest Groups are attempting to hold PWC down because the PEC and the PW Alliance are PAID lobbyists whose mission is to self-perpetuate themselves and to control PWC to protect Fauquier's buffer.

If you really cared about "ONE PW",

you would agree that...

  • ALL PWC residents deserve a Better Quality of Life. That is what the PW Digital Gateway will provide.

  • Better Schools, Better Jobs In PWC, Better Parks, a huge increase in Tax Revenue

  • It's time for PWC pull ourselves up from being the poorest county in NoVa.

  • It will be an opportunity to raise everyone's standard of living.

Let's look at their "One PW" in the harsh glare of sunlight. They are trying to sell the East a bill of goods to support their own self-interests that stink of elitism and exclusion.

Eastern Prince William County Eastern PWC has some of the lowest medium household incomes in the entire county.

Compare this to Western Prince William County... Median household income in Western PWC is significantly higher than neighboring Eastern PWC.


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