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Youngkin says Virginia has a major competitive advantage with Data Centers!


Hello Governor Youngkin - PWC is the solution for Keeping Virginia as the Data Center capital of the world. I hope Supervisor Lawson & Supervisor Vega read this article, it's a great way to introduce them to Economic Development 101.

Finally, there are a number of industries where we should be absolutely outperforming our peer states. Those are industries where Virginia has a clear advantage. It starts with some of the easy ones, like government contracting and supporting the military. We should continue to attract a disproportionate amount of that opportunity into Virginia.  ... These sectors where we have a major competitive advantage — the maritime industry, pharma and bio, data centers, cyber, logistics, energy broadly defined but specifically wind and, I believe, nuclear power — should be a big competitive advantage of ours.

PW Digital Gateway IS the solution to give PWC the Competitive Advantage and finally Opportunity for Better Jobs, Better Schools, Better Parks and Reduced Residential Tax Burden for ALL PWC residents

To make Virginia more competitive, we’ve got to get our taxes down, to bring down our cost of living. One of the big issues we see in Virginia today is we’ve watched the cost of living really escalate in a runaway fashion. We’re now above the national average,1 and Virginians are moving away, faster than they’re moving here from the other 49 states. We’ve got to reestablish expectations of excellence in our schools. That’s going to start with reestablishing high standards in our schools and then funding … the largest education budget in the history of Virginia, our top priority, [including] raising teacher salaries, [putting] funding into facilities and also funding our special education programs.

Virginia is not in the discussion on many, many, many of these important economic development opportunities. Even with some of the brand-name wins, we are trailing miserably versus our peer states. Virginia today is ranked 43rd in the nation in job recovery coming out of the pandemic Read On: The outsider - Virginia Business


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