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Know the Facts: Viewshed Protection at PW Digital Gateway

Screening techniques such as berming, planting trees, and preservation of existing tree canopies will be employed in areas where there are viewshed impacts from Manassas National Battlefield Park (to the east), as well as Heritage Hunt and Catharpin Valley (to the west).

The design of data centers in the Corridor will be context-sensitive and responsive to adjacent uses and activities. Building heights for individual data centers will be established based on the site’s existing and/or proposed topography, tree cover and vegetation (informed by detailed viewshed studies performed with each site-specific zoning review).

Where appropriate, height suitability to protect specific viewsheds will be evaluated during rezoning, using LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology-assisted line-of-sight analyses, drone vertical horizon visual testing, Augmented Reality, massing digital imaging, or other similar techniques and technologies.

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