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LETTER: ‘PW Digital Gateway’ will become nation’s digital backbone

The proposed “PW Digital Gateway” has the opportunity to transform Prince William County into the digital backbone for America's technology infrastructure that will help power our future economy. From telecommuting to financial transactions, self-driving cars, and everything in between, it’s clear that our “on-demand” modern world is rapidly accelerating the need for cloud infrastructure growth.

Approving the Prince William Digital Gateway will enable the United States to continue to lead the world on the digital playing field while securing Prince William County’s financial future.

With over $25 billion in capital investment and more than $400 million in annual tax revenue, this project will bring high-paying jobs both in construction and permanent work to our area.

Many have claimed that this project has “national implications” and they are absolutely right. The data processing capacity eventually being produced from the Pageland Lane corridor will help ensure the stability of our digital infrastructure to support government, consumer and commercial needs.

The modern-day data center industry has made tremendous improvements through the use of technology and new construction techniques to become environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing. The data centers of today are no longer the eyesores they once were. When properly buffered and designed, data centers make great additions to the community.

The PW Digital Gateway is a game-changing moment for Prince William County that puts us firmly on the national map as a technology leader.

Asim Safdar


(Editor's note: the writer owns property within the 2,133-acre area under study for a new data center corridor, according to Prince William County records.)


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