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Correcting Disinformation about the PWDG

There has been much disinformation spread regarding the adopted Comprehensive Plan Amendment known as the Prince William Digital Gateway. Some of this disinformation is so inaccurate, it is nothing more than lies.

For example, it has been falsely claimed that the adopted Plan Amendment reduces the amount of publicly owned or permanently protected Open Space. The truth is, the Plan expects at least 800 acres, more than 1/3 of the entire area, to be new, additional parkland or protected Open Space. This extent of new, additional publicly owned or protected Open Space in commercial developments is not found elsewhere in the Prince William Comprehensive Plan.

As another example, it has been falsely claimed that the adopted Comprehensive Plan does not protect or preserve historic cemeteries or known burial sites. The truth is, the Cultural Resources section of the Plan, which was written by the County Archaeologist and reviewed by the National Park Service, prioritizes the study and preservation of all historic cemeteries within the Corridor. Burial sites are cemeteries. The Cultural Resources section contains Action Strategies that are designed to preserve historic resources and viewsheds. These 18 Action Strategies are in addition to other county-wide cultural resource protection strategies in the Comprehensive Plan and the County’s Historic Preservation Collections Management Policy. This level of detail and emphasis on the study, documentation, public access to and preservation of historic cultural assets, is not found anywhere else in the Comprehensive Plan.


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