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What $462,000,000 in data center tax revenue from PW Digital Gateway can do!

We have some ideas.

This increased commercial tax revenue can:

Help make Prince William a more affordable place to live, by enabling the County to:

  • Maintain an average “no net increase” flat tax in residential real estate tax bills each year.

  • Continue to increase local public school funding each year, including a world-class indoor sports and event center to support athletic opportunities for Prince William student-athletes. 57 Cents of every dollar currently goes to our schools budget.

  • Reduce the personal vehicle (car tax) tax rate. (The personal property tax for personal use vehicles is extremely burdensome because of today’s higher car values. This tax is regressively more burdensome on middle- and lower-income families.)

  • Expand public transit opportunities.(Expand bus and VRE service areas and frequency, while maintaining low fares.)

  • Increase funding for Housing Preservation and Development programs, and initiate programs to increase the availability of obtainable housing to Public Schools, Public Safety, Public Health & Wellbeing and other County employees. (County employees should be able to live in the community they serve.)

  • Fund a robust acquisition program to provide additional parkland and publicly accessible open space.


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