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Strategic Plans Cost Money...

Prince William cannot adequately fund its Strategic Plans for:

  • better schools

  • more health and human services

  • affordable housing opportunities

  • expansion of public transit

  • more Parks, Recreation and Open Space.

An anemic commercial tax base of only 15% for the second largest County in Virginia is the problem.

It leaves too many residents underserved. It leaves too many residents over-taxed.

How do we significantly increase commercial tax revenue?

We become known as "the" high tech County – "the" place for tech businesses to locate.

Arlington and Loudoun taught us this.

County staff has said that Pageland Lane is the only opportunity left to significantly increase commercial tax revenue and create a more robust local economy.

The way to do this is to designate Targeted Businesses, then allocate sufficient land for them in the Comprehensive Plan.

PWDG is smart financial planning!


A new Targeted Business here and there will not make a difference. There is not enough land planned now for Targeted Industry growth for the next 20 years. Targeted Industry must grow in proportion to population growth.

There are two ways to allocate sufficient land for Targeted Businesses:

  • One way is to rely on individual, ad-hoc Combined Plan Amendment and Rezoning applications here, there and everywhere throughout the County. This method has been utilized in Prince William for decades. We can do better.

  • PWDG is that better way. A way where Staff comprehensively evaluates the land needed and the area affected by the new Targeted Businesses, then specifically decides what standards and policies should be applied in future zoning applications, in order to mitigate adverse impacts and to obtain public benefits for the County as a whole.


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